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Setting Boundaries as a Teacher

So ohmuffins posted this list of ways to take care of yourself when you are busy and a lot of them center around having time to yourself to relax or focus on your tasks, and establishing the right ambiance for both. 

I’m struggling with many of these because I don’t have any time by myself despite being one who desperately needs time away from people to really be productive and to refresh. Even during lunch, plan, or after school there are kids coming and going and teachers who want to chat, sometimes about work sometimes not.

I need more clear boundaries but I’m struggling with how to do that without being perceived as rude or grumpy. I’ll have a brand new teacher as a teammate next year and while I want to be a helpful resource, friendly face, and mentor to her and my colleagues I also can’t continue to spend 10 hours at school and not accomplish many of my own responsibilities.

Does anyone else struggle with this at school or have ways they keep a friendly, welcoming demeanor while still drawing the line to get things accomplished? Any advice?

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    Those are some great notes. Thanks!
  2. fifthgradeisonfire answered: Sometimes I turn off the lights, close the door and work by the light of the window. I feel like secret agent teacher!
  3. teachinginthemiddle answered: one of my coworkers will close her classroom door to work (and tell us in advance) for about half of planning time to work alone
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  5. everyfiredies said: I get to school early and enjoy the quiet. I try to avoid talkative teachers on my prep so I can work, or sometimes I leave during prep or right after school to work at a coffee shop. I eat in my room and lock doors if I really need to work during breaks.
  6. thisguyteaches answered: Stop worrying about being perceived as rude or grumpy.
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    Last year, my students pretty much ruled my life. I was a first year teacher and didn’t know how to say no to anyone or...
  8. teenakp said: I struggled w/this for years until I hit a wall & made lunch my alone time. When interrupted, I smile & deal w/it, but I also gently remind that lunch is my time. Sometimes you just have to not care if ppl find it rude and protect your emotional health.
  9. coloursinaflower said: I struggle with this too. Not sure of the solution, but will give it some thought and maybe help myself in the process. Will share what I come up with.
  10. onapathtoabetterme answered: Sometimes I will lock my door before school starts for 20min just to have guaranteed quiet time to get ready for my day.
  11. the-scribbled answered: Don’t answer emails past 7 pm.
  12. chillin-with-wilson answered: Perhaps try working in cycles of weeks, dividing your goals into scheduled days. Leave a basic schedule for students & co-workers to see. :D
  13. kz928cfd answered: To appear motivated and determined to finish a task would gain you the space u crave, no one wants to fell like they are holding u back.
  14. wincherella said: I don’t usually socialize at breaks, I stay in my room and work. I say good morning to everyone and chat then but I use my planning time and recess breaks to do what I need to do.
  15. thesecretone123 answered: Hewwo my advice is theres no advice
  16. shivactadayon1 answered: You have to be honet and tell people how you feel. Also, draw a boundary by communicating how you feel in certain situations.
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