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This is Why I Teach: To My Students and Colleagues, A Wish For You...

A letter to my kiddos & teacher friends to share my sincerest wishes for this year and beyond. Thinking of you all and feeling thankful for the efforts you contribute towards getting us a bit closer to my (our?) vision.

As the school year starts up and I find myself outside a classroom and a school I am struggling to reconcile the empathy I feel for my colleagues, the sadness that comes with missing my students and the traditions and excitement of a new school year, and the relief I have to not be carrying the constant, crushing weight I remember so vividly. My normal response throughout a school year would be to help a teacher friend by lending an ear or a helping hand after school, or to bring them coffee and a muffin in the morning. I would be offering a smile, a pat on the back, or a hug to a student in the hallway or in my room, and making sure they felt safe and cared for each time they walked into and out of the building…




I was gaping the entire song this is insane

(openly weeping)

Somebody get him off the street and rent him a theater pronto! Crazy cool.

Sidenote: The Hubs wants to see him and Lindsay Sterling duel. ;)

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Conversations With the Hubs

  • (In reference to how we are, in fact, 20 yrs older than our birth certificates would indicate.)
  • Hubby: Well I was talking to them about the know... and how annoying their baggy pants business is...



As a student, I loved back to school.

I love teaching, I really do.

But I don’t love back to school.

I don’t love the anxiety and the sleepless nights. The feeling of having so much to do that I don’t know where to start. The constant decision making. What will me desks look…

This eloquently sums up some of the reasons I chose to change careers. I feel guilty saying it out loud and experiencing my first start of a school year in the new position has certainly taken a toll for reasons, but mostly it reminds me I am thankful and made the right choice.

Meanwhile I feel angry and frustrated and sad that most of the teacher people I care about are dealing with this very situation. I tried to vlog about it on Tues but my phone died and honestly, I’m not sure the thoughts are formed enough and the emotions are dull enough to express it all properly just yet.

Hang in there, my friends, and keep searching for the joy each day and each student brings into your life while also setting it all aside without guilt to keep yourself grounded in all the other beautiful things that make you a wonderful human.

Every time I see the comment I read it as, “sweat shop”.

and yes, I got it at the fantastically geeky store we happened upon yesterday. If you have a 2nd & Charles nearby go check it out. 

An Open Letter to Teachers

As usual Bud’s words resonate and provide some good food for thought. I highly encourage you to take a moment to read his whole post, but here are a couple parts that really hit home:

What is one new thing you are trying out in your classroom this year?


This doesn’t sound like a big deal, but I’m switching over from spiral bound notebooks to marble notebooks in my 9th grade classes for journals.

No matter what I do, by the end of the year our spiral notebooks look terrible. Students tear pages out,even though they’re told…

Curious how you plan to use Twitter and YouTube. Will you have a shared account or individual student accounts? I’m guessing these sites aren’t blocked?

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Yesterday was a banner day. Got GS5 I’ve been eyeing all summer AND this awesomesauce #DoctorWho shirt. #happygeek

Yesterday was a banner day. Got GS5 I’ve been eyeing all summer AND this awesomesauce #DoctorWho shirt. #happygeek

I don't think teachers know what they're doing.

To all the tumblr educators who I know do these kinds of things without thinking twice. Ya’ll are awesome and if you ever wonder (as I know I sometimes did), it matters and it is making a difference in a way you may not even know.